Technology Delivery Center

The Technology Delivery Center (TDC) is Osceola’s strategic, on-shore facility aimed at providing high quality and cost-effective services to Utilities. The center provides onshore technology and business support services including computer software development, software and systems integration testing, mapping and GIS services, and business process support. The target market is to address the types of services that would typically be outsourced to offshore technology centers and bring this work onshore. In establishing the TDC, Osceola is also working with the Morongo and other local California tribes as well as local government and higher education institutions to create technology-based professional jobs, foster professional career development and retain technology jobs here in the US.

The TDC complements, or provides a viable alternative to, offshore outsourcing by enabling:

  • Competitive differentiation - access to a US-based Native American/diverse supplier with proven delivery capabilities.
  • Lower cost of services – on-shore off-site services with industrial strength infrastructure, delivered without metropolitan city costs.
  • Reduced delivery risk – access to specialized skills, lower management overhead, cultural and language compatibility.
  • Corporate and social responsibility benefits – supports our client’s ability to meet / outperform diversity spend targets and retains jobs in the US.

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Technology Delivery Center

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