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As a company, we would like to be remembered foremost as a company committed not only to its clients but also to the development of the local communities where we work and our clients operate. That’s a broad statement but the essence is giving back to the development of local communities. As recent examples,we have sponsored academic scholarships to Native American students, we have invested in the development of technology applications for language and culture preservation, and we have jointly sponsored fundraising programs. Through the opening of our Technology Delivery Center, we are working with the Morongo tribe, local communities, community colleges, and local universities to put in place a structured apprentice program that will give us multiple channels for sourcing plus develop a longer-term pipeline for professional services talent development.

These are just a few of the various initiatives that collectively, tie back to the spirit of Osceola Consulting’s mission to integrate the company’s Native American heritage, help others less fortunate, and take a leadership role in giving back to the local communities, both Native American, and non-Native. We are excited about the opportunity to develop these relationships and work to “tie it all together” with a comprehensive commitment to developing minority-owned businesses and support local communities in general. To learn more about our community involvement, please visit our News page.

Osceola Consulting's staff and consultants represent various cultures and beliefs. This diversity in ethnicity, age, gender, allows an environment of enhancing one another's talents and viewpoints. Leveraging these differences enhances our customers business and our community.


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