MARCH 1, 2019 -- For the sixth consecutive year,Osceola Consulting was highlighted in SDG&E’s Supplier Diversity Annual Report and Annual Plan to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).Section 10.1.1 GOALS of the 2019 Annual Plan states: “SDG&E is committed to a 40 percent supplier diversity goal. To achieve this goal, we will focus on helping our diverse suppliers build a sustainable business model.”  In a part of  this section focusing on, “Sustaining for the Future…Delivering Client and Community Value,” Osceola Founder and CEO  Kevin Narcomey, responded to the question: “What value has your company returned to the community?” -- “ Osceola hopes to continue to leverage our different business models to creatively provide services that both meet client needs as well as promote job creation and community growth. In 2018 alone, Osceola returned nearly $10M in diverse spend to the community. SDG&E is a major player in the industry and having the company as a strategic client is important for Osceola Consulting and our efforts across the industry.”
In the Annual Report Kevin Sagara, SDG&E Chairman and CEO noted that: “In 2018, SDG&E achieved the highest level of spending with diverse businesses in the history of our company, purchasing 43.9 percent, or over $722 million, worth of goods and services. This is the sixth consecutive year that SDG&E’s supplier diversity spending has been above 40 percent, far exceeding the California CPUC goal of 21.5 percent.”
Commenting on the Supplier Diversity Report and Plan, which SDG&E and other California Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs) submit to CPUC on March 1st of each year in accordance General Order (GO) 156, Kevin Narcomey stated: “SDG&E and the other California IOUs have developed the most successful an robust corporate supplier diversity program in the nation. No only has SDG&E achieved a remarkable Diverse Business Enterprise (DBE) spend of close to 44%, but all thirty IOU water, telecommunications and energy companies subject to GO 156 achieved an industry average DBE spend of almost 31% of their total procurement, totaling nearly $11 billion for 2017.”

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